Pre School

A foundation for the future

To engage children is to help stimulate their brains. Engagement through age appropriate activities for pre-schoolers maximizes their learning and development. This promotes active learning, in turn promoting long term retention and a boost to their curiosity and inquisitiveness. For example, role playing, group projects, dress up days and show and tell.

Primary School

Learning to fly, To touch the sky…

‘The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.’
Our curriculum is developed to engage our learners understand abstract concepts in a concrete hand on way – to learn , to open their imagination and dream big. we reinforce concepts taught through discovery, creation and self- evaluation, enabling lifelong learners.

Secondary School

Preparing students for life in a changing world

Technology ushers in fundamental structural changes that can be integral to achieving significant improvements in productivity used to support both teaching and learning. At HOLYFAITH, we have ensured are classrooms are fully equipped with digital learning tools that serve as the pivotal drive behind student engagement, keeping them motivated and accelerating learning.