Assessments for Pre-Primary- Pre-K to K2

For the Pre-Primary students a continuous comprehensive assessment is done through out the year.


Assessments for Grades 1 to 5

There are two periodic tests and 2 term end pen and paper exams conducted each academic year. Continuous assessment in the form of subject enrichment and multiple assessments also form a part of the marking scheme.

ASSESSMENTS - Gr. 6 to 8

There will be 2 Periodic Tests in a year along with Mid Term and Final examinations.

Assessments - Gr. 9 & 10

There will be 2 Periodic Tests in a year with Midterm and Final examinations. Grade 9 & 10


Worksheets are provided, which helps the children in developing logical thinking, mastering the concepts and exploring ideas. Worksheets will also help them learn things on their own.