Core Practices

At The Holy Faith Education Society (HFES), we embrace the notion that children can be exceptional teachers. Our students take the lead by researching and presenting topics to their classmates, offering a fresh perspective before the teacher’s introduction.

In our commitment to fostering collaboration, we implement the Buddy System. Students team up to decode complex concepts that may be challenging to grasp in larger groups. By supporting each other, they enhance their understanding and develop strong bonds.

We believe in instilling trust and responsibility in our students. Through our Self Invigilation approach, we conduct examinations without invigilators, affirming our faith in their integrity and commitment to academic honesty.

To foster deep comprehension and practical application of knowledge, we embrace Open Book Assessments. Our Holy Faithians are allowed access to textbooks and references during specific assessments, encouraging them to delve deeper and apply their understanding.

Our students shine through theme-based assemblies. They prepare captivating activities such as dances, songs, mimes, and one-act plays to share with their peers during assembly time, fostering creativity and self-expression.

At HFES, we prioritize creating a safe and nurturing environment. We address concerns promptly, ensuring that everyone feels secure and confident in expressing themselves without fear.

We are committed to providing frequent and diverse leadership opportunities for all students. From democratic training to the esteemed Student Council, where students campaign respectfully and accept the verdict of their peers, to roles as monitors and group leaders, we empower students to resolve issues and execute activities with discipline and precision.

Holy Faithians extend their teaching skills to their extended family within the school community. Through the Each One Teach One program, they assist staff members, embodying the spirit of sharing knowledge and support.

Compassion and empathy are the foundations of our value system at HFES. Through self-driven efforts, our Holy Faithians raise monetary aid to help those less fortunate, cultivating socially responsible and caring young individuals.