Larger Vision

At Holy Faith English School, we believe in cultivating holistic learners, critical thinkers and compassionate citizens who contribute to the nation’s progress.

We value academic excellence, but we also recognize the importance of developing logical reasoning, curiosity and analytical skills in our students. These are the essential qualities for becoming leaders, innovators and problem-solvers in the 21st century.

We also emphasize the development of communication skills and teamwork abilities in our students, as these are the key factors for effective collaboration and success in life. The HFES Way™ of schooling constantly adapts and innovates its programs to foster these competencies.

Holy Faith English School is a dynamic and responsive institution that creates a nurturing environment for the children, where they can grow into national assets – kind and empathetic citizens who are thinkers, innovators and pioneers.

Our graduates are equipped with a strong sense of integrity and a sound value system. They have a deep understanding of the community around them and excellent communication skills. They are empowered to learn independently, make informed choices and face challenges with confidence.

We envision our school as a movement that inspires and influences others to join us in our mission.

Holy Faith English School was established with the sole aim of providing effective solutions to your child’s school-related issues and with a conviction of shaping well-rounded and accomplished personalities for the future. Our broader vision is to nurture individuals who are not only successful in their personal and professional lives but also take up the challenge of making India a superpower.