Students Dairy Rules

Parents must pay for any damage caused to the school property as ascertained by the Admin in charge

  1. First two offences  CT/ST – Verbal counselling
  2. Next offence Report to CO for counseling
    Send a written note to the parent. Seek acknowledgement. CT / ST CO
  3. Next offence Caution note issued by HM/P with previous reference. Recording in discipline register and anecdotal record. CO/HM/P
  4. Next offence Warning note issued by HM/P
    Call the parent for a meeting. Reduction of grades. CT / ST, CO/HM/P
  5. Next offence Disciplinary action note (leading up to suspension and expulsion) issued by HM/P . Call the parent to take the child back. CO/HM/

School will function from:
1. Monday to Friday for Grade Pre-Primary to Grade 2
2. Monday to Saturday for Grade 3 to  Grade10
3. Time schedules for PTMs and school functions will be informed through school circulars
uploaded on the school website, parents and students are requested to regularly login to the
school website for updates from the school.

General Rules:
1. All students of the school are members of the library
2. Strict order and silence shall be maintained in the library
3. Personal books and articles are not allowed in the library
Book Issue Rules
1. A student can borrow only one book at a time for a period of two weeks.
2. Books will be issued to the students during the library periods.No books will be issued or
returned during teaching hours.
3. Marking, underlining or writing on library books is strictly forbidden.
4. Reference books and current periodicals will not be issued to any student. These can be read
only in the library room.
5. If the books are not returned within the specified time it will be viewed seriously and a fine will
be charged as per the rules.
6. The librarian can call for the book at any time, even if the normal period of loan has not expired.
7. In case a book is damaged ( i.e pages torn/cut, pages loose or missing, cover damaged or
removed etc.) or lost, the person concerned will have to replace the book or pay the full price of
the books plus a fine.

1. Birthdays may be celebrated with distribution of candies/ toffees/ small chocolate bars in the
class. No cakes, pastries or gifts permitted.
2. No distribution of sweets to any other person/class other than the class teacher, subject
teachers or teachers visiting the class and classmates.
3. The birthday child is not allowed to wear casual clothes that day.
4. No gifts for teachers.
5. Birthday invitations may be distributed to the classmates in the school premises only if the
entire class is invited.
6. Partying in the classroom  is strictly prohibited.

1. Students must be regular and punctual in attending school.
2. Minimum attendance required is 80% in an academic year.
3. No test will be rescheduled or re-conducted to accommodate a student’s absence.
4. In the event of absence of up to three days, a note should be submitted either through a note in the student diary or a leave letter sealed in an envelope, explaining the reason for the absence. A leave request made through a phone call should be later supported with an application.
5. If the duration of absence is to be more than three days, a written permission needs to be
obtained from the Principal/ Vice Principal/ Headmistress.
6. If sick leave is being mentioned and it is for more than 3 days, the parent should submit a
doctor’s certificate.
7. No half days or early leave for students will be permitted.
8. In the interest of students and discipline, parents are earnestly requested not to apply for leave
for family vacations, ceremonies and functions.

1. If a child has any health problem and needs specific care during school hours, the class teacher
needs to be informed in writing giving all details necessary.
2. In case the student is suffering from any contagious or infectious disease, he or she should not
come to school till free from infection. The class teacher should be informed about it.
3. In case of leave on medical grounds, a fitness certificate has to be produced when the child
reports back to school.
4. The child may be admitted into an appropriate medical facility should such an eventuality
warrant and the parent/ emergency contact may not be in a position to take the required steps
in good time

  • 1. Identity Card
  • 2. Diary
  • 3. School Bag
  • 4. Simple pencil box with 4 sharpened pencils,ruler,eraser, sharpener(class 1 onwards) pen(class 5 onwards).
  • 5. Water Bottle
  • 6. Lunch Box
  • 7. One large napkin
  • 8. Fruit/snack box
  • 9. Activity files
  • 10. Books and notes as per the time table

1. Mobile phones/ I-pods/ PSPs/ CDs/ cassettes/ walkman and other similar items.
2. Fancy jewellery/watches
3. Valuable articles
4. Inappropriate books and magazines
5. Toys
6. Inflammable and sharp items.

1. Games and Sports: Basketball, Cricket, Football, Skating, Yoga, Gymnastics, Martial
Arts, Archery
2. Art and Craft: Painting, Drawing, Cutting, Pasting, Origami, Papier, Mâché, Clay
Modelling , Calligraphy
3. Music: Hindustani Classical Music, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Voice
Training for solo and group singing
4. Dance: Indian Folk, Classical, Contemporary, Western
5. Dramatics: Dramatics Club for different forms of theatre
6. Clubs: Performing Arts Clubs, Visual Arts Clubs, Scientific Skills Clubs,
Organisational Skills, Clubs, Work Education Clubs, Life Skill
Clubs,Literary Activity Clubs, Environmental Club
7. Literary Activities: Elocution, Recitation, Debate, Quiz, Creative Writing
8. Language Enrichment: Constant exposure to audio visual inputs to Programme
build pronunciation, expression and vocabulary using poetry,
dialogues and discussions
9. Reading Scheme Activities: Book Fests, Class Libraries, Author visits, “Reading Hour”, Book
Reviews, newspaper in education for primary classes
10. Other Activities: Needlework, Robotics,
11. Personality Development: Communication skills in English, Manners and etiquette, General
Knowledge, Value EducationProgramme
12. Field Trips and Treks: Local Excursions, Educational Trips, Picnics and Treks,
It is mandatory for children to be a part of one club activity, one co curricular activity and one game
in each term.

1. All students and parents should be advised to label all their belongings. All lost and found
items, recovered from class rooms, should be handed over to the students by the class teacher.
The unclaimed ones should be sent to the lost and found incharge.
2. Items found in common zones to be sent to the incharge. The person in charge to send labelled
items to respective students and display unlabelled ones on PTM days.
3. Constant reminders should be given to students to label all belongings.

Boarding/ Alighting the Vehicle:
1. The pick-up and drop-off spots are fixed.
2. The furthest stop shall be picked up first and dropped last.
3. The student should use only his/ her allotted bus and stop. Any change will need prior written
permission from the school.
4. While waiting for a bus, students in the interest of safety must stay away from the edge of the
road and not indulge in unsafe or unruly behaviour.
5. Students/ receivers should be at the stop at least 5(five) minutes before the scheduled arrival.
The bus shall not wait in case the student/ receiver is late.
6. In the interest of safety, no student should approach the entry/ exit door of the bus until it
comes to a complete halt.
7. Students in the interest of safety should immediately, on boarding, sit down at his/her assigned
seat and avoid standing or moving around while the vehicle is in motion.
8. In consonance with the RTA rule, children of classes below 8, shall share seats in the ratio of 3
students to 2 seats.
9. Every child shall be provided a seat, subject to the clause above.
10. Only the designated door must be used to enter/ exit, except in emergencies.

Decorum in the school vehicle:
1. Students must maintain acceptable behaviour and noise level in the vehicle. The driver/
attendant are in charge and the attendant is authorised to assign seats. They must be treated
with all respect.
2. Students shall be liable to pay for any damage that they may cause.
3. Standing on the footboard while the vehicle is in motion is not permitted under any
circumstance. All students are advised to keep all parts of their body inside the vehicle at all
times. Students’ hands must be within the vehicle, even while waving out.
4. In the interest of safety, students are not permitted near the driver’s area and should not touch
any controls, switches, levers, instrument panels, etc.
5. For safety, health and hygiene reasons, consumption of edibles is not permitted in the vehicle
as it may cause choking and any spillage may result in the floor becoming slippery.
6. Do not throw things out of the window. Carry your trash with you and dispose of at the next
available dustbin.
7. Use of flame or spark producing devices like matches, lighters, etc., or carrying of inflammable
products is strictly prohibited.
8. Aisles and doorways must be kept clear.
9. Indiscipline may lead to withdrawal of the facility/ admission

1. Only parents who have been authorised in writing are allowed to board the vehicle. Other
parents are not allowed to board the bus.
2. Parents/ guardians should not compel the bus driver/ attendant to divert any route or change
any pick-up or drop-off spots.
3. In the event of a change in residential address or telephone/ mobile nos., please intimate the
school in writing as early as possible. In case of change in the pick-up or drop point an
application should be made to the transport department and on receipt of written
confirmation only would the change be in effect and shall be subject to availability/ feasibility.
4. Parents having any complaints or suggestions should contact the school, and never call the
vehicle driver/ attendant over their cell phones.
5. While the school shall endeavour to provide this facility to most students, it is subject to
6. In case of a breakdown/ non-availability of resource, all efforts shall be made for an alternate
arrangement subject to availability/ feasibility. In the unlikely scenario of the transport service
not being available, parents shall be requested to cooperate and help out by dropping/ picking
up the students.
7. Parents availing of the service must download the transport app to determine the correct time
of the arrival of the bus. This will eliminate the need for SMSes/ notifications.
8. In case of extreme emergency, a child who usually avails the school bus facility is to avail “Self
Pick-Up”, the Self Pick-Up Form is to be filled up and submitted to the school at least an hour
before the scheduled bus departure.
9. In case a student misses his/ her bus, it shall be the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to
ensure that the student reaches the school on time. In such a situation, the student may use
his/ her allotted bus to return from school.
10. Students of class 3 and below will not be dropped at their designated drop point if the person
authorised to pick them up is not there, they will be brought back to school from where they
will have to be picked up by the parent/ guardian within a reasonable time.
11. If a child has not been picked up by 5 p.m. the parent, guardian, designated person, emergency
contact phone’s are all unanswered OR the parent, guardian, designated person, emergency
contact have been contacted but fails to pick up the child then the matter to be reported to the
HoS who shall determine if the process has been complied with and at her discretion either
extend the ‘wait time’ OR immediately or after the lapse of further wait time instruct the
General Admin to report to the local police chowky/ station or emergency police no. 100.
12. In the very unlikely situation that the police too are unable to contact the parent/ guardian/
designated person, then the HoS after having studied the suitability of conditions at home and
consulted the Director shall suggest to the police that the child could stay with a staff member
or the HoS at their residence. If the police agree in writing with the suggestion then only the
child may be kept in the custody of the staff member/ HoS.
13. Students of class 4 and above will be dropped at their designated drop point even if the person
authorised to pick them up is not there.
14. Parent’s shall respond to school’s phone calls, emails, notices and attend scheduled meetings,
failing to do so may attract disciplinary action.

1. Fees are to be paid on or before the due date via eNACH only or as per authorised payment
mode for the full year or in half yearly instalments for the entire instalment period, even if the
facility is used for a single day or not at all. Fees shall be payable for zones.
2. In consonance with Government guidelines fees have factored the vacation/ breaks and hence
to further break up on prorate basis is not possible.
3. For children being picked from and dropped at different stops, the charges would be 100% +
50%, i.e. picked from Stop A and dropped at Stop B the charges will be 100% of Stop A and 50%
of Stop B.
4. Transportation and registration fee is non-refundable and payable to the school/ service
5. If due to admission withdrawal or if the registered address is changed to within 500 meters of
road distance from the school, the facility is to be withdrawn during the academic year or the
next, a written application is to be submitted at least one month prior to the commencement of
the next notified instalment failing which the next instalment will become due and payable.
6. Late payment of fees shall attract a late fee.
7. Late fee and bounced charges, if any, will be first adjusted from the paid amounts, and the
outstanding amount will be considered as pending fee (to be paid).
8. In case the residential address is not decided at the time of admission, an amount equal to the
shortest distance i.e. the lowest charge shall be payable and the same shall be topped up, if
need be, according to the stop, once the residential address is decided. In case the decided
residential address is within 500 meters, then the “lowest charge” and registration fee shall be
9. In case your child attends extra classes and further transport is used, then additional charges
will be applicable.
10. Non payment of fees may lead to withdrawal of bus facility/ admission.

1. Only those students residing (registered address) within a distance of 500 meters (road distance)
from the school gate may prefer to opt for self drop and pick-up. In order to reduce the problems
of traffic and parking at the school gate, they shall WALK to the school and no other mode of
commuting (including 2 wheelers/ cycles) is permitted and shall be accompanied by a parent/
guardian/ designated person. No other person shall be permitted to drop or pick up the student.
2. Pick up and drop by private unauthorised commercial vehicles is not permitted as per Bombay HC
/Govt. of Maharashtra Bus Guidelines.
3. Students found to be in contravention of the above two rules shall be liable to strict action
including cancellation of admission.
4. Students above class 8, may walk unaccompanied, subject to the parent/ guardian seeking
permission and filling the Transport/ Self Drop and Pick-Up form.
5. The Self Drop and Pick-Up arrangement shall be at a prescribed point and time (normally after
the school buses have left) and it is imperative to adhere to these.
6. In case a parent wishes to opt for the transport facility at a later date, the same shall be subject to
feasibility/ availability and payment of the entire instalment. If the address falls outside the
transport range of the school then the child shall board the school bus from the nearest
designated bus stop.

1. Staircase: While climbing up or coming down the flight of stairs be on the left side.
Move one behind the other.
2. Water point: Always form a queue at the water point.
Be careful not to spill or splash water around
Ensure that the taps are turned off before you leave
3. Waste bin: Make sure to put all the waste in the waste bins provided.
Biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste should be put in separate bins.
Ensure that you put the waste inside the bin and not around it
4. Energy Resources: Do not play with switches or any electrical gadgets.
Switch off fans and lights when not in use
Conserve Energy