Our Idea of Education

At the heart of The HFES Way™ lies our vision of education. We question the very purpose of sending our children to school. What do we hope to achieve?

To educate them, to give them an education!

But what does education mean? In the broadest sense, it is any act or experience that shapes the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. Here is the dictionary definition of education: “The knowledge or skill acquired or developed by a learning process”.

The learning process should lead to growth and development. We want our children to master different skills, gain knowledge, build character and develop a strong personality. That is why we have created The Faithian Way™ of education.

The school is the first formal institution that the child joins and becomes part of the community. The immediate family and school are two organizations that interact with the child regularly and have a major influence on the child. Parents, of course, want the best for their children. They are always looking for the best opportunities within their reach and sometimes beyond it, for their children’s benefit. One of the opportunities that parents seek is enrolling their child in the ‘right’ school. And then, with good intentions, (to provide their child with a lot of exposure and academic support) parents enroll their child in many extra classes for various things. What is the outcome? We make the child’s life hectic – the child shuttles between school and home with a heavy backpack, then between tuition classes and home, hobby classes and home, sports ground and home. And finally when the child comes home, there is homework from these activities to be done. Can we expect our children to have any ‘enlightening’ experience when education is delivered to them in this way? Absolutely not. The HFES Way™ addresses these types of situations and more. We understand that ” The right to education is not just a right to basic education where information is given to the child. It has to be an informative, enjoyable, wholesome experience “.

We try to present ‘education’ to the child in a way that the child can absorb it. We develop our own techniques and methods. We observe and evaluate how well the child grasps the concepts. If there is a problem, we revise our educational methods. The result is an educational method that actually works. The knowledge transfer happens without stressing out the child. The child absorbs and understands the information. Then, education is truly an ‘enlightening’ experience. This is also what the real world demands. In this age, information is easily accessible – it is what we can do with it that matters. The days of memorizing information and using the brain as a storage device are over. The new age requires application and analysis, good problem solving skills and strong conceptual understanding. The next-gen also needs good communication skills and interaction with the community. And all this is seamlessly integrated into the constantly evolving program of :   ” The Faithain Way™.