The HFES, are very conscious of inculcating discipline and values in all its stakeholders; its staff, students and parents as we endeavor to fulfill our roles in society, as the HFES strongly believes that good values stay and deliver for life.

For HFES students

  1. Come to school looking fresh and smart
  2. In proper, clean and well ironed uniform
  3. Hair neatly combed/ tied
  4. Nails clean and trimmed
  5. Shoes polished

Every student shall

  • Behave in a disciplined manner
  • Greet all the staff members
  • Respect all teaching, non-teaching, help staff
  • Respect all materials and facilities
  • Behave in a non-aggressive manner
  • Shall take care of the school property
  • Not litter and shall pro-actively clear litter as and when he/ she encounters it
  • Shall follow the school rules

Students shall avoid absenting themselves from school, its activities and classroom lessons
Assignments and projects should be submitted on timely basis


  1. Shall always follow and cause to follow the traffic rules
  2. Shall always stand in a que or cause to form a que, where none exists
  3. Shall walk on the pavement or on the side of the road facing the traffic where no pavement is available
  4. Shall hold open the door for the next user
  5. Shall offer his/ her seat to an elderly/ expectant/ or handicapped person
  6. Shall speak in a low pitch/ or keep the volume such as not to disturb the people around
  7. Honesty (even if nobody is looking or if i am not going to be caught)
  8. Shall be compassionate
  9. Shall wait in a queue while waiting to board a vehicle or lift and shall allow passengers to deboard. While inside shall be conscious of the co-passengers conveniences

For The HFES Ambassadors

The students are the ambassadors of the school and their behavior outside of the school too is expected to be of the highest order

For The HFES Staff

You are the epitome of all that is good.

For the Parents

Parents are requested to visit school in a presentable attire

All parents shall attend PTA and PTM regularly

  • Parents shall visit the school by appointment only
  • Parents shall address the school staff in a respectful, polite and professional manner. Use of the right tone and tenor is important. Failure to do so may warrant disciplinary action.
  • The school is open and receptive to concerns, suggestions, advice by parents and other stakeholders.
  • If you have something positive to say, tell the world. If you have something constructive to say, tell us. We assure that we will take the necessary steps to improve. Tell Us
  • Suggestions/ advice and feedback are welcome, you may drop them at the suggestion box during the respective PTA and PTM.

Note for All

The repute of the school is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders. All shall ensure the safety and security of staff and children is a top priority.