Our Aim

  •  To provide holistic education  in a stress free, supportive and safe environment. 
  • To provide education that is learner centered, based on Indian value systems incorporating the best of modern knowledge systems.
  • To provide value for money in the process of creating global citizens. 

Our Philosophy

  • To make a positive difference in the existing system of education and the traditional definition of a school.
  • To provide for an all round education of the body and mind in a stress free environment, supported by trained personal, sensitive to the child’s need
  • To provide an environment that will enable children to develop to their full potential and to become self confident, self dependent and honest individuals

School motto
The motto of this institution is ” Lucet et Ardent”. These Latin words means ” Shine to Enkindle” refer to the mind and heart. It is the deep desire of this Alma Mater to present to the world and our nation, persons with minds, bright with knowledge and creativity and hearts burning with genuine love and concern for others.
May your life measure up to the expectation of this motto.

HFES Philosophy

  • H – Heads to clear thinking
  • F – Friends with benefits
  • E – Endurance pedagogy
  • S – Show the World that You Can Do It

Our Vision

  • To inspire a passion for learning by making education relevant & fun.
  • To create a safe place where students belong, believe & succeed.

Our Mission

  • HFES is committed to nurturing students who will evolve into good human beings, who will be future torch bearers of distinction and who will be committed to the spirit of excellence.
  • As a progressive school, we shall always Endeavour to give unparalleled exposure through diversified learning opportunities, and to prepare our students for unseen challenges in a dynamic and global environment.

We prepare our children to be

  • A – Active Learners
  • C – Confident Communicators
  • O – Open Minded Individuals
  • R – Responsible Citizens
  • N – Noble Humans

Our Culture Statement

  • HFES is Safety Centred, Vision Directed, Values Driven, Student Focused, Analysis Based, Learning Enabled, Team Facilitated, Process Managed, Quality Managed and Result Oriented.
  • At HFES our culture is not a means to an end, but an end in itself.
  • We have a nurturing environment that recognizes children and treats them as individuals; where students are encouraged to be leaders and
    where school leaders are encouraged to be visionaries. Our school strives to create a respectful, diverse, creative, exciting and reflective culture.
  • For staff members, teamwork is a defining aspect of the culture. The management creates regular opportunities for professional Development and life long learning for their staff. Staff members also reflect regularly and share ideas through verbal and written communication.